Have you ever wondered how much money PMU Artists make a year?

how much do eyebrow artists make
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📌 Based on statistics ⁠

👉 New artists earn around 30,000 – 50, 000 USD a year. ⁠

👉 Top artists earn 70,000 up to more than 100,000/year. Big $$!!⁠

Of course, established artists or artists who have been in the business for years earn more since they already have their clientele. ⁠

The same goes for artists who own their studios and don’t have to pay rent and have all their income to themselves. ⁠

But you know, even when I was starting (after doing a few models for a discounted rate), I was earning more than my day job. This was a few years back when PMU is just starting to get recognized. After a few months, I was able to get back all the money I paid for training and was able to slowly save up. 😍⁠

Now that I have regular clients and lots of client recommendations, I can say that this profession is high-paying and can earn you a lot. 💯⁠

I know some beginner artists are having a hard time getting models and clients and do not earn within the first few months, so below are my advice:

Make sure to have a plan before starting your business. Make sure to get a good location with lots of potential clients, and less competitor.
Create an Instagram account and Facebook Page for your business. Make it look presentable and pleasing to look at to attract clients. It is also good to establish your “branding”.
You can offer discounted prices in your first few months then slowly increase to your regular pricing once you start getting more clients.
You can also offer referral discounts, group packages, and other bundles to attract new clients.
Ask your clients to post on their social media and tag your page, as well as leave good reviews on your page.
⁠These steps have greatly helped me before so I’m sharing these with all of you hoping it would help you too. 🙂

I’m sharing more tips and tricks, live tutorials, and Q&A on my Instagram @beautyslesh, so be sure to follow!

And don’t forget to enroll in my online courses if you haven’t.

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