NanoFlow Pro Micoroblades

Improve your microblading confidence with these superior quality microblades.

The thinnest in the world! Precise & crisp healed strokes for happy customers who come back for more.


Unleash The Power of the Most Crisp Healed Hair-Strokes with the BeautySlesh NanoFlow Microblades

Microblades With The Thinnest Nano Needles!

Unleash The Power of the Most Crisp Healed Hair-Strokes with the BeautySlesh NanoFlow Needles
0.14~0.15mm 18U
Box of 10 microblades

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    • NanoFlow Needles ($75)
    • Machine Hair Stroke Course ($149 instead of $199)
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  • 0.14~0.15mm 18U
  • Box of 10 microblades

“Unleash The Power of the Most Crisp, Healed Hair-Strokes”

At BeautySlesh Professional, we produce superior quality microblading blades that use the latest technology to provide the thinnest blades in the world. The average blade is 0.20-0.35, but our blade is 0.14-0.15mm.

We worked closely with the factory to design the thinnest blade with highest grade medical material that is second to none. It was designed with the artist in mind. You will not find any other needle in the industry like the nano blade.

The blade is extremely fine, sharp, and is safe on the skin. Every stroke creates precise and crisp hair strokes every time. The strokes that are made with the NanoFlow blade will heal crisp.

Procedures done with other blades look crisp, but they tend to heal blurrily. Our goal is to always provide the best quality blades for our artists to ensure they exceed the expectations of their clients.

*Duty/import taxes should be shouldered by the customer in accordance with their government’s policy.

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